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Recent Game Tribute

This is kind of a weak idea, but in the newest Elder Scrolls game Skyrim: I made a weapon that traps the opponents soul inside of it. I called it "Soul Sucker" in name of Ozzy's amazing song.

Which lead me to believe, why isn't Ozzy a Daedric Prince of Oblivion in the game?
Here me out:

His artifact could be called "Soul Sucker".
You have to wait until the Moon is out to summon him by offering him a bat.
His priest could be called Perry Mason or Crowley.
You must kill a special NPC called "The War Pig" for him.
The only downside would be that you NEED subtitles to understand him ;)


Hey, did you come to offer the tribute (which I was rolling with even if I don't play that or any other video game) or to insult (which you left the post doing). I understand Ozzy fine when he is at ease with the person who is interviewing him or when he's with his family =0(. What you described was kind of cool. If you could make a weapon, why couldn't you put it out there to the game to have this happen. But scratch the last bit.


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