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Ozzy has been markedly silent on this issue. But is that anything less then we would expect? Seems to me when he doesn't disagree with what Sharon does he is silent. The vacuum of protest not said speaks louder then words.

Sharon said this has nothing to do with her. BALOGNA! She says they each have their negotiators, or agents. In this? Her leveraging would be everything.

If Ozzy and Sharon, in thanks for the band which started their whole lives of fame, respected what Bill is doing instead of kept riding the train towards insanity, we'd all be getting Black Sabbath at Donington, at O2 just prior, and at Lollapalooza.

This is about decency. About respect. About where things began. It's that simple, and it's for millions. That this travesty continues just goes to show how out of touch fame makes one in their head.

They've allowed Bill to face public shame at their hands for too too long. I am painfully aware of how Ozzy is NOT speaking. And in my heart? A bit of sadness at the man I thought he was despite what everyone says with respect to him being as money hungry and cold as Sharon.

=o(. Even when you spend all these years loving someone, you think you KNOW them. And what do you know.


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