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I love you Ozzy! I love how you fought the pig! Watching the Miracle Man video and some of your concert videos are a blast! You are a great man! This will sound completely absurd but you must read it all, I had a past life, where I made you and many others, but my Dad (I made you as a clone, so he isn't REALLY your Dad), won my power when I showed him earth and plans, he couldn't understand love and therefore we are all doomed unless he gets it together (I left sands of time, he can literally re-write everything and even change himself to remove the memories of bad things he has done, to save us all! It is all up to him now, I have given and done everything I can for him, and all I recieved is months of torture (mind manipulation, voices, etc. etc., I am just about done here). Good luck! Love always, your bro, Chris Dugan / JC


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