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Yeah Hello I Just want to say I Love the Show and Ozzy's Music And I really am looking forward to completing my Osbourne Tv Series with Season's 3 and 4 And I would pay anything to complete it even Season 5 as well if there is a 5th or more For I am trying to replace everything i lost when My apartment was broken into and both me and my father lost everything so know not only am i trying to get what i had back like all my Ozzy Stuff But I'm also helping my Father with getting all his stuff he lost back as well. So I really do hope you's Bring Season's 3,4,5, and any others out on dvd cause we'd or all your loyal Ozzy Fans would buy it and please may they all be Completly uncensored I really hate those bleep,bleep,bleeps!!!


Richard Tonn of Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada


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