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I'm a huge fan and created an artwork based on the song War Pigs, entitled the same. I'm a veteran and artist and this song inspired me to make a work that reflects the characteristics I feel many politicians and people in power possess. I chose to keep them nameless, but the act of hanging their heads on the wall as trophies signifies the acknowledgement of their existence. The pig suggests their laziness to fight their own battles as well as their greed exposed in campaigns to wage war. The horns and teeth represent their viciousness, while the use of white symbolizes their ability to disguise ulterior motives. Under such facade is the truth and although they go to great lengths to mislead us, their manipulations and malice can still be seen.

This work has been shown in a few exhibitions over the past two years. It will be on its final display at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, Indiana this November as part of their Citizen/Soldier/Citizen exhibition. I will then retire the work from further obligations. I would like to offer this art for your consideration. To view photos of the work, please visit again, the work is entitled War Pigs

Best to you and yours,

Giuseppe Pellicano.


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