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For one.. Sharon did not stop anything! I never received a threat from her or a phone call and she does have my number from a previous conversation concerning the film that has nothing to do with you or my book. The book was going to have a cover with photos of everyone involved. Because some of these people are internet trolls that like to tell lies (and this post is an example), I chose to only use forum names and not photos to out the a**holes that ere involved. The book is still in the works* and is complete truth of my experience. Ironically, the things that I have posted on the net in the past have come to light and the Randy Rhoads family is in litigation with the film company as we speak.

If you would like to witness and idiot on the internet, search Randy Rhoads RR-ElectricAngel and you will get the picture. ;)

~David Labay RR-ElectricAngel,
I would appreciate it, if you would stop telling people that I have been arrested and going to be put in a federal prison. Obviously the post I'm making today is calling you out 2 years later as a liar, internet troll and one of the weirdos who is interested in what kind of cigarets and socks Randy wore. Let me guess, just because you give guitar lessons you think you are Randy weirdo.

Blizzard Of Drama will release in 2014 :)
That is all...


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