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As I have said on countless occasions it was geezer WHO came up with the NAME of the Band. A band set up with 4 friends who acted as equal partners. Read the Book I Am Ozzy, and Ozzy is quite candid about the early days Tony's family were the most well off and helped Ozzy, Tony was the first to leave the band to join Jethro Tull.

On the Video/DVD Last Supper Geezer says they were jealous of Ozzy's money. It was just a twist of fate when Ozzy was sacked and Sharon kicked him into shape to the real Star that he is today.

Ozzy has had greater success than Black Sabbath after his departure (please correct me if I am wrong) so when they get back togethor the original clash of personality is greater as Ozzy has has control over HIS and for longer than he was with Black Sabbath.

SO I say yet again, Tony Pull your head in talk to one another and come to an amicable solution even if it is from this day forth equal shares. Legal acton IS going to be very expensive and someone will come off the worst!


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