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It has drizzeled for the last few days, with a few actual rain showers, so we should have some good ground water!

There are apples on the tree, sadly we only had one serving of Gooseberries, as i pruned them back justa touch tooooooooo much last year!

The runner beans have started to crop, and the cucumbers willnot be far behind. I must go out and buy some tomato compost and pot up HOW MANY tomato plants, and then feed like a fool possessed, to bring them on! At least they are spread out and watered twice daily.

The Leeks seem to be holding their own, along with the cabages and Sprouts! Christmas Day without Sprouts, shameful! Did I transplant the beetroot toooooo late? we shall see

The sun flowers on the been canes are not as big as last year BUT at least they are flowering along with the Sweet Peas. The way the Worlds bee populations, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE plant some flowers.

Due to Facebook photo upload, I have several sets of the Veggie Plot to upload! Then again, they have messed up that facility!


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