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i wondered about this topic because Ozzy says in interviews that when he was a teen he had heard voices or some such thing. NOT because of the "WE HAVE DECIDED" statement in a drug induced psychosis when he attacked Sharon long ago.
my dad had those issues too gimpnoid, plus alcoholism and prescription drug addiction (to drown out images and mental pain). brought forward or caused, who is to say, by WWII. he was an I^3 genius. a 22 year old in Army duds seeing stuff nobody could see without it warping their mind. unfortunately he couldn't resume life "as normal" afterwards...except for the fact he fathered eight kids after marrying my mom. periodically, he'd wake up (drunk) and grab my mom by the throat thinking he was in the war fighting...then get taken in for "treatment." back in those days they gave shock therapy, quantities of lithium 1000's of times the dosage they know is required today, and surgery. 6'4" to a 5'1" frame, made sense on one level, but so wrong on another. very sad. talk about a lithium shuffle. thank GOD they came to understand and diagnose (properly) PTSD in the 80's.


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