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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...he seems to change his life and his music, as I change. In the 80's it was all about a party, 90's well the party continued but there were the childern.
The 21st century, it was getting back to the friends and family, learning that we were so lucky to survive the 80's and learning that we are not infalable. Just at the time The Osbourne family was going through the Cancer ordeal with Sharon, I was going through a bad time with my husbands health.
I grew up not allowed to listen to Sabbath, but when I cut loose of the closeminded ideals of my parents, and was introduced to Sabbaths sound and the start of Ozs rise to fame, I could somehow relate to the music on so many levels. Even 20 yrs later, the sound and the words of Black Rain still hit me deep with in my soul. Over 20 years of changes, of LIVING LIFE, and it just seems like his music is talking about my thoughts, my life, my being.
My husband ,my son, my friends and even my old closeminded family now enjoys Oz with me, and my 6 month old Grandson respondes to Ozs music. So many generations that come together in one common bond, OZZY RULES.
We also have a 16 yr old dog OZZY, A 10 year old dog named MAMA . They are so close that one will not even take a treat without the other.


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