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Please Do It For Jack Oz/Exodus 12:1-50
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Just do the best you can. Watch some old movies. (NO SEX OR VIOLENCE)
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Get the Lamb or goat. On the day you deem passover, early or the day before take away the sourdough (all breads, cakes, crackers and etc.). On the day you deem passover spread the lambs or goats blood over YOUR doorway or doorways. Go in and stay. Have no connection to outside world until the next morning. (no guest, no telephones, internet, television or etc.) Prepare your lamb or goat clothed with shoes on and staff if you have one. The lamb or goat must be cooked (fully) with FIRE. Prepare with greens. Say a prayer over this meal. See The Lords Prayer, if that's all you have. Eat meal fully clothed and with shoes on and staff if you have one. You must eat every last bit. If not eaten burn with fire. Keep this day Holy, if use bad language, pray for forgiveness. No SEX. YOU MUST CELEBRATE IT AS A FESTIVAL TO JEHOVAH THROUGHOUT YOUR GENERATIONS. AS A STATUTE TO TIME INDEFINITE, ONE WEEK A YEAR! Every January 14th through January 21st. The 14th and 21st are Holy days (no work, only prepare meals, pray and read some of The Holy Bible if you have). You will be surprised how easy it is to take off work. Again remove all sourdough (bread, cakes, crackers and etc.) from your home prior to the January 14th. Only eat fresh cakes through the week with the rest of your meals. No food is to be taken outside of the home. If going to work all day, pick up a small cake and take to work. Only you eat the cake. No foreigner may eat of it. A settler and hired laborer may not eat of it. In the case of an alien resident resides with you or a person working off a debt they must be circumcised to join in the festival. When the children ask why do we celebrate this week. We say to them, "It is the sacrifice of the passover to Jehovah." I did this Oz. My eldest son almost died, but he is alive and well today. I thank Jehovah God and all that is righteous.


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