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I've been a fan of Ozzy from the time i was just starting jr. high school. I'd lisen to Black Sabbath with my older brother who turned me on back in 1973,74. I was 12 years old. We'd listen to them Sabbath albums over and over. The first concert of my life was Black Sabbath! Loved Ozzy even more. Mr. Crowley, I still love that song, love it! Amoung countess others. And all Ozzy's mysterious and mystical style music, with his theatrical performances. Mesmerizing! Always followed him. No words can express my love for Ozzy. There's just no way to define it. He's always been there, thru all the times of my life. Ozzy is a creative, intelligent, mysterious & magical individual! Very gifted! And I am so thankful to God for giving us Ozzy! He will never know all the times he's been there with me thru, and all the great times i've had while enjoy'n his music. He's really got me thru! And he's still "Gett'n Me Thru"! That's so cool and amazing!
Both of my son's are true Ozzy fan's. They were listen'n to Ozzy from the womb! And Ozzy's always been there with them over the years too. We adore him.
SENDING YOU LOVE OZZY, ALWAYS and FOREVER!!!! Thank You for giving so much of yourself to us and still giving to us. We cant get enough of you. "I dont want you to ever stop" God Bless!


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