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John is all that I have known. I had no parents and was put through some rough stuff as a kid. Through him and his amazing music, I have found myself. I was criticized for years for loving him and acting "crazy", which in turn, helped me become a stronger person. At 14 y/o I carved his name in my arm and two days later got Indian ink, pulled off the scab and put the ink in. I didn't care what anyone thought, I just wanted people to like me for who I was and not for the way I looked like. I traveled down the drug path and put myself through horrible things. In the end his music was there to inspire me and lift me up from despair and complete destruction. I had to find the strength within myself to stop the drugs and he was with me in song and through his own his actions, helped me to overcome the demon. I am forever grateful for having him vicariously in my life and I will forever give him my eternal love/devotion. I also find him to be the most handsome man ever to walk this planet and I would be happy to do anything and everything that he may want (except bestiality). I was blessed on 2/10/11, to finally meet him. I gave him an initial draft paper (that I wrote behind my hubbys back) of how he saved me and I regret not being able to rewrite it. I lost myself by becoming a timid and scared b****. I didn't bring my vampire fangs(of which I was gonna see if he would let me act like I was biting him) and I didn’t fondle him, nor attempt to kiss him. I did get completely lost in the absolutely most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I swear time stood still. He smelled soooo good too. My normal self would have licked his face and/or said something wild but I was in complete awe. He was so sweet and wonderful in every way possible. I still think he is completely sexy and my friends call me a grave robber. They even said that when he cums, dust comes out and I said then call me a chinchilla. He poured his heart out into that performance and then my eyes leaked this watery substance afterward. Never have I been moved like that before, I actually felt my heart beat again. He is not my God but he is in my soul and I only wish that he could get to know the real me, we would share some amazing stories and I would be a loyal friend. Actually love him so much that I would clean his ass if he needed it. THANK YOU JOHN FOR BEING YOU!!!I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART, MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!!!!. You helped me live again and while you contemplate your mortality I can answers some questions about life and death. I bare witness to people in their darkest hour. I have asked some that have died and came back about their experience. Some have outer body experiences watching what happens to them while we work, some a tunneling light, and some flash through their lifetime and some don’t recall anything. Also ghost have been scientifically proven to be real and you can’t have a ghost w/o a soul. I don’t believe that people are condemned because they don’t believe in Jesus, I do believe that goodness prevails and that there is something on the other side. Side note: Al and Dave rock...God bless to you and to all of your family and friends.

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Fool Like You, You lookin' at me, lookin' at you
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You, lookin' at me lookin' at you. I wanna talk to you.
To have an idiosyncracy to be a fool like you.

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