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I stopped in to wish him a Happy Birthday! Slightly belated, due to an extremely heavy workload as a storefront artist (it's the holiday season which means triple bookings compared to the rest of the year) however the work enables me to put together a nice recording budget for the next album :)

As a musician and recording artist, I am often asked what is my favorite album. The first thing that comes to mind that I blurt out is "No More Tears". There it is, official! So now you know.

I am a HUGE OZZY fan. Grew up listening extensively to Black Sabbath's Paranoid full blast through the headphones. That is where it all began. As a musician, this man has influenced me a great deal and In am grateful to have the opportunity to express this in writing.

Happy Birthday Ozzy!
Love and Light to the Prince of Darkness.
May you Reign Forever,
Karen St. Claire


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