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NOTE: This is the original Q&A Interview between Ozzy and the friends of Fanzmosis. The magazine (TBA) will be publishing a special July edition.

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Portuguese Translation: Thiago Salay (Thanks Thiago!!)



FANZMOSIS - On the South American tour are you only going to play songs from Black Rain or will you include some of your career classics as well? Can we expect that amazing intro-tape in the opening of the concert, and the famous pails of water?

OZZY - I'll be performing 2-3 songs from "Black Rain" and a cross-section of songs spanning my entire career from early Sabbath to the new album. Yes, you can expect an all-new intro film to open the show.

FANZMOSIS-Is the Rasputin Musical still in the works and if so, how is it coming along?

OZZY - "Rasputin" has been on hold for the last 18 months while I recorded "Black Rain" and went out on tour. I've been on the road now since May '07.

FANZMOSIS-Who have been some of your favorite bands at Ozzfest; why?

OZZY - There have been so many – Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Slipknot, Korn, Judas Priest…… When you look at a complete list of all of the bands that have been on Ozzfest since 1996 it's truly amazing.

FANZMOSIS-Ozzy do you appreciate your fans?

OZZY - Absolutely! It's the one thing that keeps me motivated. I want to make great music that my fans will love and I always want to give them the best show possible at my concerts.

FANZMOSIS-After being in front of millions of fans over the years, what do you see has changed? Which generation do you feel is the craziest/most loyal?

OZZY - I don't think much has changed. Which generation do you feel is the craziest/most loyal? They're all crazy!

FANZMOSIS-Many musicians are feeling the sting of revenue loss due to internet piracy, etc. Have you noticed this since the release of Black Rain (or in general)? How do you feel about this?

OZZY - Absolutely! My U.S. record company told me that "Black Rain" was their only gold release (500,000 copies sold) in 2007. That stunned me. How do you feel about this? The record industry is in a sad sad state.

FANZMOSIS-Speaking of the internet, what is your relationship with the ever increasing cyber world? Do you use it much? Do you feel it's beneficial or detrimental to today's society?

OZZY - I think it's great, but to be honest I don't spend much time surfing the web.

FANZMOSIS-Ozzy, you, Geezer, Bill and Tony have reached the 40 year mark in regards to Black Sabbath. In the last Fanzmosis interview with Bill, he stated that to do a world tour at this time would be a great accomplishment. Do you feel this is something that could happen?

OZZY - I will never say never. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

FANZMOSIS-Throughout your life/career you have gone through several changes, both professionally and personally. If you could go back and change anything, would you? If so, what would it be?

OZZY - I believe it's best to move forward and not dwell on the past.

FANZMOSIS-Your duet with Kelly (Changes) was such a favorite amongst fans; have you thought about doing one with Aimee as well?

OZZY - Aimee recorded some vocals for my "Rapsutin" musical.

FANZMOSIS-Your last visit to Brazil was when you played the Monsters of Rock in 1995. How does it feel to be coming back to the fans that have hoped and prayed for this day???? Do you have any expectations surrounding your return as well?

OZZY - I'm absolutely overwhelmed to be coming back to Brazil after so many years.

FANZMOSIS- Ozzy, when you..re on the stage, you become somebody else. Where do you find the energy, charisma and inspiration to drive the audience crazy like you do?

OZZY - I don't know. It just comes over me when I'm in front of an audience.

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