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A Great Idea that I know you and Sharon would want t...

Hi Ozz,
First of all, I have been a fan of both, you and Sharon for a long time. I truly believe that we can share an idea that I have with the same passion that I see that you possess, Hell, I love your whole family.
I am a 58 year old woman who still loves life, family and friends. So here goes.

We have a houseboat on the beautiful Norris Lake, in Tennessee -Not the largest boat there, but very cozy and comfortable for us. 14 by 60. Anyway, we spend approximately 9 months out of the year there."We are spending our children's inheritance" they can get their own. HA!
We totally love being there and have a fish tv and many ducks and geese. What do ducks have to do with what I am writing? Well , everthing.
This is such a great idea, no one else has done it that I can find and I want to create something
with my name and talent with your help which I truly believe that you will agree. This idea could
only become a reality for me, with the help from someone else that has the same visions and passion for what they do everyday...
Please think about it and write back. I will be ready with my presentation.


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