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About OZZY's recent delusions of BLACK SABBATH

OK, I love OZZY just as much as any other fan and will defend him for almost anything -- I am an original long time fan going back to the very beginning of Black Sabbath, I will defend OZZY as much as anyone HOWEVER, if what the news has been broadcasting & "if" OZZY actually believes this to be true then, he has finally lost it

ANY true Black Sabbath fan will know & it has "NEVER" been contested by any other member
"INCLUDING" OZZY, Tony Iommi, or Bill Ward that the true source behind the name was Geezer Butler

The band was called Earth but, it wasn't really paying off & just wasn't really culminating into
what the members were hoping to achieve musically, or personically - the members were already
looking for a new name to fit the band, it was GEEZER BUTLER who one night while watching an old Boris Karloff entitled as you can guess BLACK SABBATH, he knew this would be a kick ass name for the band AND apparently the other members agreed as it came to reality, the rest is history as it came to be what we all know & love as BLACK SABBATH until, in late 78 on the "NEVER SAY DIE" tour that what happened, happened & for whatever reasons I don't need to go into OZZY and the other members went their own way - OZZY went on to his solo band which is unbelievable in it's own right and the remaining members of SABBATH recruited Ronnie James Dio from Rainbow

Well, many years later and plenty of line up changes later BUT, always consisting of Tony Iommi
the band went on as Black Sabbath, Bill Ward has endured health problems so, wasn't always in the mix SO, probably wasn't too concerned over the name rights or line ups - I can't speak for
GEEZER either but, in latter years he's had his own GZR project going BUT, the bottom line is
TONY IOMMI has been the only member to stay hungry enough to keep the band going AND of course there's been a few albums that just haven't really stood up to the SABBATH standard but, good in their own right, some more than others

During the entire history of BLACK SABBATH "never" has there been any time until now that "ANY"
member has contested the name OR rights of Black Sabbath - NOR has any member "EVER" contested with the historical reports that it was indeed GEEZER BUTLER who in fact came up with the name of BLACK SABBATH

SO, as much as I love, admire & respect OZZY for all he has given us through his years &
dedication in BLACK SABBATH, his years in his own creation BLIZZARD of OZ and finally now just
OZZY -- for time to come now & claim all rights is utterly ignorant & moronic AND it hurts me to
say & write this - the man is definitely on of my idols BUT, this dumb ass crap now is just
stupid as hell.

Even if, just as a publicity stunt - he has nothing to gain & the history books can certainly
show GEEZER BUTLER behind the name of the band --- HOWEVER, I can say this for OZZY, I personally can also say that I have NOT seen or heard of any member though claiming full rights to the band itself & as far as I know OZZY is just as entitled to play under it's name as the rest - yes, at the time way back when they went their separate ways the other 3 members were very much into
keeping the band going BUT, at this time there is no in control of the SABBATH name as the other
members are currently involved with the HEAVEN & HELL project - Although BLACK SABBATH material NOTHING is referred as BLACK SABBATH ----- HOWEVER, and again in closing i want it said that I love, admire & respect "ALL" of the key members of BLACK SABBATH being as OZZY, TONY IOMMI, GEEZER BUTLER, BILL WARD - while I give as much love, respect, admiration, idolation to RONNIE JAMES DIO, he wasn't there in the very beginning or during the creation of BLACK SABBATH & he would NEVER claim any rights anyway to the name anyway, I am ommiting him from this topic for this subject only


Although Steve Vai was a musician of unquestionable repute, the leap of imagination required to transport Vai's skills, displayed on work with Roth, Whitesnake and Alcatraz, is quite wide when one considers the sheer heaviness required for Ozzy's music. More importantly did the guitarist catch wind of any attempt to recapture past glories and the quest for a 'Randy Rhoads' aura?

"It was a very creative process. I obviously approach things differently from Randy but there was a great vibe for sure. Yes, it was much different. Everything was tuned down to C and I was using an octave divider on a lot of stuff. Very, very heavy."

Vai recalls the sessions with Ozzy with obvious fondness. "Working with him was a complete pleasure and a blast. He is one of the most unique and interesting people I have ever met. Sort of like the Godfather of Metal. You would never believe how funny he is. Just the way he talks and explains things and the extraordinary stories he would tell constantly were historical delights. <strong>He's pure rock music and he's not in the least bit stupid or anybody's fool. He knows exactly what he wants and there is an honesty and realness to him that is undeniable. He has no circuit breaker between his head and his mouth and he speaks what he is feeling the moment he feels it. </strong>He acts the same around his musicians as he does around his family. He's very real. It was refreshing to have the opportunity to work with him for three months and it's an experience in this business I will cherish and remember for ever. After working with him I know why his fans are so loyal and why they feel the way they do about him. They have good reason to."

[1994, Steve Vai on Ozzy Osbourne]

Pfft. Fact or fiction. You tell me. Ozzy knew the scoop going down with Sabbath and vocalized what he saw the issues were. Probably said passive-agressive sh!t when what he tried to say wasn't heard by Iommi. He says in I Am Ozzy just before Iommi gave him the pink slip through Ward that Iommi made him sing lyrics over and over and over and over in the studio, driving him nuts. Sounds like Iommi had OCD big time, with a heavy dose of control-aholism. Dio had the same issue with him.

Ozzy had left the band, and I think he knew EXACTLY what the news was hot off the press, that things had gone down the sh!tter with "all for one and one for all," they weren't a collaboration as much as Tony was exerting executive rights over the others. I think Ozzy returned because of course he hoped for the best, this was the band that made him a star.

Damn, what does it take to explain to you that OZZY IS NO BUMBLING IDIOT. He's charming sure, and he was doing drugs like the rest of the band...but he knows how the wind blows and could sniff a storm rising.


Well, there is something ratteling about between the ears, and that is for sure.

My point is this "If the others write THEIR side of events" thaneach and everyone of us will have a chance to make OUR OWN minds up, and let us see were there are similarities!

Number 1

who's "us?" are you now officially a "we," as in The Borg? are there more than one of you in your head?
(depending on the answer, Darkblade prepares to run for the hills)

ps> there are other books out there too. and a buncha articles on the band in their early days, as well as in Ozzy's early days with Randy, vaulted.

Nice link So lets us go out and buy the book "Off The Rails" by Rudy

It will be nice to get another perspective of events, and events that Ozzy just missed or was not at so he can not comment on.

So will Geezer, Tony, and Bill write their version of history?

It will be refreshing to see their individual perspectives, and where they may disagreee with Ozzy. So come on fellers, lets us have a chance to make OUR OWN minds up! It will end speculation and Urban Legends that people are trying to pass off as fact!

Number 1


that might lead you to your answer Andy :o) it's on his site. can't make the discovery too easy for ya. it's a GREAT read, he has much love and relationship with Randy Rhoads and with Ozzy. it's like a birds eye view of life on the road during the early years.

March 19, 1982
“Rudes! Rudes! Come on, get up!” I hear a voice yelling to me through the curtains in my bunk. As I slide the curtains open I see Randy standing in the doorway of the tour bus.

“What’s going on?” I ask with a yawn as I wipe the sleep from my eyes.

“We’re at the bus depot and Andy’s going to take Rachel and me up on a plane to see the country side. Get dressed and come with us! It’ll be fun.”

“What time is it?” I ask, fighting back a yawn.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Randy says with a shrug. “About 8 a.m.”

“Oh that’s all right, Rand, you go ahead. I’m just going to wait until we get to Orlando before I get up.” I put my head back down on my pillow.

“OK, but you’ll be sorry you missed it!” Randy kids as I watch him step out of the tour bus and into the quiet Florida morning.

I pull back the curtains in my bunk and go back to sleep, never to see my friend Randy Rhoads again.

- Rudy Sarzo


Number 1

oh my god ive been flagged
well since i can figure who flagged me ,,why dont you just leave me alone ,,you attacked me here over crissy and well give it a rest ,,its one thing not liking someone ,,but its another to take cheap shots ,,,,,and hasling someone who has a dissability well is just down right offensive,,please give it a rest


Cheers Blades, this is another insight to Ozzy. Perhaps we could ALL share in the title of Rudy's book. This will allow US ALL to gain a greater insight, to the great man. From what you are relating confirms the pressures on Ozzy and the rest of Black Sabbath, and even with the Blizzard of Ozz band.

Number 1

One of the things that I have noticed in the Rudy Sarzo book is that there is an awful lot of mention of Ozzy breaking down emotionally from not having time off to go home and be with his wife and sons. as in about every five or so pages there is mention of the deep depression and angst that Ozzy was feeling. up to and including the one that landed him in the mental institution and released as certifiable because of the impending divorce.


At the end of the day, ALL the original members were addicts, BUT Ozzy was the worst one of them ALL. Tony wanted to follow the lead of Queen, and other bands, that were inspired by Black Sabbath.

Couple this to virtual touring/recording, failing/failed marages due to thier commitments to the band,

Ozzy's Dad had just died, and he went on a bender to try and cope

Has any one read I AM OZZY? If not why not as this will answer a few of your questions.

Ho many times did RJD join and leave, and then ask WHY did he keep leaving! Tony is the simple answer, as Tony would adjust the days recordings when RJD had left for the day!

Sabbath only got to where they were in their hay day, due to 4 guys from Aston Birmingham! In no particular order, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward (sorry sort of Alphabetical). I have said before, you can replace a musician but not the vocalist! Having been priveridged to attend the two reunion concerts at Birminghams NEC, As soon as they struck a note, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as I was in the presence of total Brilliance. To Thing, it was Tony who got Ozzy to clown around, and get the crowd going, in the early days, as in the current times. Ozzy gets the crowd going even when he is solo, but it gets better when he plays with his 3 old friends from Aston, Birmingham, England!

It musty be said that Ozzy had said some not very plesent things after he was sacked, but he was not the first, and he will not be the last! Anyway, I think that everyone had mellowed over the years, until Tony Stakes his solo claim to the Sabbath name!

Finally, As a band how did the subsequent incarnations Of Black Sabbth, perform financially, LP's Sold, Fans attending? Me thinks that with my 45 years behind me, I have learnt alsorts while following Ozzy! Ozzy as a solo artist, OUT SOLD the subsquent incarnations, of what I can see. Correct me if I am wrong!

I suggest, as i have always done on this topic, read ALL that You can, watch as many interviews that you can, AND THEN come back and have your say, as the majority of this topic throughout the site it hear say, or conjecture!

read and weep

Number 1

I don't buy what you say kala. not at all. I think he was aware of the direction the band had taken and knew instinctively that it was a kamakazii plane going down. i believe he left wanting to do something more in line with what he instinctively knew was what should be happening with the band as a whole but was not. I think Ozzy's efforts to begin recording with Blizzard of Ozz are testimony to his business sense. if that had occurred after the split, I could see what you're saying. but it preceded the split with Sabbath. Iommi was taking the band down a bad path. I believe Ozzy wanted to be loyal to his band but felt at his end with not being able to matter or have a voice with the bands direction and creative inputs. many biographies quote Ozzy talking about that time in the bands history, where Iommi was bringing symphony musicians into the studio and was going commercial to Ozzy's dissatisfaction. I think Iommi couldn't handle the flak against what he felt was best, so he got rid of the source of agitation to his dominance - Ozzy.

I also do love Ozzy, but let's be honest... He was not sane at all when Iommi took him out, Ozzy made a mistake and Iommi was smarter. That's all

Tony got the rights because he is a domineering personality and did not think of sharing what "only he own-i's." I'm sure he believes he is Black Sabbath. The only reason he has ownership is because he pushed everyone out of their own band and interests. He's a control freak. I would not say what he did was legal, certainly at the least it was unethical and unreasonably selfish without regard to his bandmates...and it's my guess ownership of the name is being contested because of that. Tony Iommi is not Black Sabbath - if he was to put out t-shirts alone, would they sell? NO. People buy the 4 men together who created a band which was famous - they don't buy stuff of his. He must have discovered that reality first hand when the band when down the $hitter after Ozzy (first) and then the others (Dio, Ward, Butler) left. Sabbath is the sum of the parts. Just because Iommi was a barracuda in the midst of more passive peers does not mean the rest of the band should "have to live with it." That's pretty dysfunctional thinking. Besides, something tells me Ozzy isn't wanting to "live with it." Not any more.

Given The Blizzard of Ozz and Ozzy's solo career I am hard pressed to think as warped as you saying only Tony took care of business. Ozzy had left for 3 months... the band invited him back - only to give him a pink slip? Sounds like someone (Tony) didn't like not having control over Ozzy to me. Ozzy only wanted out because Tony was driving the band straight into the ground. Things were no longer egalitarian, and the band had lost it's initial vision. Ozzy was dogging the band in the press and to his peers after rejoining - because Iommi was dominating everything and not making business sense. THAT ladies and gentlemen is why he got the pink slip.

Look at what was coming out of the studio from them in their last albums. It's a hard pressed person who wouldn't see that was the WRONG direction to be taking.

Now who had business sense? Seems to me it was not Tony, but Ozzy. He knew that to survive he had to move on.

Agree. Unfortunel Tony was the only member who took "care of business", the other members have to accept what he decides. Such is life.

Hey OzzyJohn long time no see, nice to see you back bro!

Not to contradict anyone specifically, but as far as I am aware Iommi is sole owner of the sabbath name. I have come to this conclusion as well by what has been stated over the years by all members, as well as with the way Tony has conducted business under the sabbath name.

Via why Ozzy has been motivated, inspired, or whatever you may choose to call it, and yes some may say greed plays a part in the lawsuit. However I think Ozzy has a valid point, all four members made sabbath what is was then as well as what it continues to be! If any of them in the beginning had used the same business sense as the guys in Rush did back in the day, which is from the very start simply cut everything into three equal shares, well then this lawsuit wouldn't be needed at all, not ever, f***in' period!


Because of poor business practices by all members here we are with Tony having the fortune of owning the sabbath name and library. Instead of it being owned equally as it should be, as it always should have been, and still multiple decades later still sadly not!

All four should have their fair piece, and Ozzy filing the lawsuit has pushed the issue before someone is gone an can no longer speak for themselves..

I think its a good thing honestly, ya Iommi wont like the idea near as much because it cuts into his little cash cow, but Iommi should have seen this coming, and should have taken measures long before Ozzy in order to resolve this issue for once & for good!


Scape \m/

<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

don't patronize me hag

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

is that like aged cheese? or like aged wine...in any case...yes OjZoZhYn12.03.48, of course OjZoZhYn12.03.48, be a dear and pass the butter, will you? pat pat pat...

I don't need to twist anything. But you got me there I'm only 21 so of course what I say has 24% less merit than yourself the aged sage.

But you know I doesn't even matter, I'm not gonna waste my time speculating/. Iommi came back after 2 weeks with Tull, later fired Ozzy cause he was a mess, after that it was HIS band and he continued on without him. And after Several attempts (live aid, 85 after Born Again) in the 80s to reunite Ozzy "retired" and Sabbath played at his "final show" completely screwing up what they had just accomplished with Dehumanizer. And only until 97 did Tony agree to accept Ozzy back in the band, if Tony didn't want it it would never have happened.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

no they were not thinking of hanging it up until he came back, they were floored that he did that but understood, and may not have chosen themselves to stick around if opportunity came knocking like it did for Iommi, but they most definitely planned to and did carry on after Tony left.

i find conversations regarding this futile because whether you admit this or not you will twist what has been said or done with insult, insinuation, or perversion of fact to suit your views. i'm 45, and much too old to want to waste wind with a Joan of Arc on a mission, particularly one who is as young as you are. perhaps in fifteen years when time has tempered your soul we can revisit this discussion. the passion and zeal of youth is apparent, and it's kind of hilarious, honesty.

Sorry but fact is fact. Tony is the sole owner, otherwise Ozzy wouldn't have filed the suit. I'm sure I could find direct quotes where Ozzy talks about being fired and calls Tony the boss, hence why when he told Bill that Ozzy had to go Bill 'relayed' the message to Ozzy, thats why Ozzy had such a big qualm with Tony and never Bill. That doesn't mean Ozzy was happy with the fact, but after a while of fumes between the two settled and Ozzy was happy with what he was doing in his band and let Tony do his own thing. You can go ahead and call it slander and let Ozzy know if he wants to sue me he can go right ahead but he'll be the first to admit he doesn't know half the stuff he's said over the years.

Tony was always the alpha (your word) member, he was the primary songwriter and when he went to play for Jethro the others were thinking of hanging it up until he came back.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

<strong>Ozzy has stated many times that Sabbath has always been Tony's band "Tony was the boss/daddy". </strong>

OjZoZhYn12.03.48, you need to stop twisting things into some weird perversion of truth to suit your opinions. Your youth really does betray you in your zeal to present Iommi as the sole owner of the Sabbath name.

Ozzy stating that Tony was an aggressor in the band...acting alpha? yes. Stating that "it's always been Tony's band" <strong>is bull$hit, a serious injection of your wishes into Ozzy's mouth. Last time I checked that is slander. </strong>

He would not have filed a lawsuit (the other exhaustive discussion we had and looped over and over with) claiming equal partnership belongs to himself, Ward, Butler, and Iommi.


the band members do get their cut of revenue. The entire band signs up for these nostalgia tours (except when Bill isn't even invited) they sign a contract and get a cut from each gig that they're paid from the tickets. Ozzy has stated many times that Sabbath has always been Tony's band "Tony was the boss/daddy". And in the 80s and 90s Ozzy had his band with Rhoads and Zakk, while Tony had his

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

Ragman you are right, BUT if Tony wants to play on the original lineup, then the original line up deserves a cut of the revenue made in their name!

Fair is fair,is it not!

Number 1

black sabbath is dead ozzy you left them in your dust ,with randy you rose above, and became better , eternal hails

In the que at the Birmingham Book Signing, a chap next to me, is under the impression that SHARRON actually owns the rights to the name BLACK SABBATH! If this is so, can we have the OZNOIDS seal of approval and the facts that this is SO!

Number 1

I have lost track how many posts that i have made on this subject, and you should really read the offical post that was at the top of the home page. We have debated this for long enough with everyone having an opinion, and that is what we are for on this site, are we not? HOWEVER, before we make a cast iron statement, we should have ALL the FACTS, are at wrorst as many as we can get hold of.

So here we go from what I can remember:

1. At the time of Ozzy's sacking he was high on drink and drugs, and then you throw in the emotional aspect! His father HAD just past AWAY, so obviously Ozzy was trying to chill out the only way tyhat he knew how

2. Tony was considering/talking to RJD before the sacking

3. It was Tony's decision to SACK OZZY, and get Bill Ward to tell his best mate OZZY that he was sacked.

4. Ozzy has said that when Bill had told him of the news, HE WAS RELEAVED!

5. Tony has admitted that he would send OZZY up front of stage to get the crowd going!

6. Tony had wanted change the way that Sabbath was going with more String arrangements, etc.

7. The other three of the original members felt that as Tony's family had supported the band in the early days, and felt a debt of honour to Tony!

8. Ozzy has stated that Tony wanted to emulate the likes of Queen, where as Queen had tried to emulate Sabbath!

9. All of this and more was part of Cavern Number one, so the lucky few can see/hear for themselves and comment accordingly.

10. Tony left SABBATH to join Jethro Tull but came scurring back!

11. Record companies can sell more record/cd's/down loads if the band with a huge following are still making records! Am I just sinical on this one? So as Blades clearly states, the record company would NOT release Tony's solo project, unless it was under the name Black Sabbath!

12. Without Ozzy there would be NO SABBATH, just as without any one of the other original memebers then there is all probability there would be no SABBATH!

13. You can change a musician, BUT YOU can NOT replace the singer! The only replacements who came anywhere nerr were, Ian Gillan, Tony the Cat Martin.

14. Like ALL knee jerk reactions you have only rad the head line as you want to read it. Read it again while very calm and you will see Ozzy reluctantly has started the action, but felt that that like Bill and Geezer, were loosing their rightful cut of the royalities!

So folks, before you decide to add a comment read everything that you can, listen/watch as many interviews as possible and with a clear/calm head comment

Number 1

Ozzy is =and has been for forty years = one of the most beautiful men in Rock. He's made it through some pretty awful stuff with his health and accidents and marriages. (It's difficult to watch the seasons of The Osbournes and see the discounting that happens to him, never mind what takes place in the media. Talk about a bunch of succubus taking advantage of his fame). Not his son. And part of the time, not his wife or daughter. But the rest? Wow. Even the nearest and dearest act like a$$e$ at his expense.

Oh, and by the way? Sabbath is Iommi, Butler, Ward, and Osbourne. What is there not to understand?

well your right scapes ,,ozzy has never ever done wrong by me or any fan for that matter,, and my comments down a bit were said jokingly ,,, he does whats right for everyone-- in my house no one bags ozzy for getting older or for anything he's done and if any visitor said bad stuff about ozzy in my house ,,there out the door quiker than s*** being flushed down a toilet--- there is a shrine above my tv with ozzy and his stuff and its respected by all,,all my family are ozzy enthusiasts and always will be,,,,,


Whats funny is I have yet to hear Ozzy say he wants all the rights to Sabbath, or that he is trying to steal it from the other three original members of sabbath. However if I am not retarded and I read correctly he wants to secure not only his part of the sabbath mantle and name, but is trying to get Geezer and Bill to do the same.

So I ask what is wrong with that, and how is it people read way more into this than what there actually is, do people not read anymore, or do they just lack in the department of reading comprehension??


How can you think Ozzy is that big of an a**hole, or that selfish? I just don't see any of what he is doing in that light, nor do I feel he is wrong for trying to secure royalties, not only for his family, but for the others that were part of sabbath, original or not, living or dead.

Some of you confuse the f*** right out of me, and seem to me to be a little quick to judge, scratch that out and out condemn the man who has been nothing but great to us fans over the many, many years. In what way ever has Ozzy ever intentionally screwed us the fans over, name just one pertinent example of how he did, and when, and then maybe I will shut the f*** up. But until then I don't buy it, and those of you that do must be nothing but front runners. I mean what is it? Is it that Ozzy is getting old now so lets kick him a bit and rip on him for not being what he was when he was a young man. If I was him and was aware of all this bulls*** some of you spew out I would seriously consider never doing s*** again, I mean how ungrateful can some fans be, I mean really..................

Freakin' Sad man, damn sad..............



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

gosh Gomer, that was a great post. haw haw!

wow, get real. hopefully you read all responses. this was lame.

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

wow, great post. thanks so much for sharing.
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i reckon he'd have a strong case,the director that is..his children still could


:oP - in today's world he might have sued and won.

i know ,he was the actor wasnt he,,was he also the director..but i was just saying maybe the director should get a piece of sabbaths stufff ha ha ha ha ha ha ha just joking


Boris Karloff passed away in 1969, long before they were even on the map.

hey ozznoids heres a thought,,maybe the director of the movie black sabbath can sue too ha ha ha ha ha


nope. Ozzy and Ozzfest gave Sabbath an audience they'd not had since the 70's. i can't believe none of these Iommi fans get that. If Ozzy owned 100% of the Sabbath name, or Ward, or Butler, or Sharon - how would they feel then? They'd be b****ing pissing & moaning about Iommi deserving a cut - not getting ripped off. Duh! this is such a no brainer.

Gotta say there are MANY levels that Oz (& Geez & Bill) could sue Tony over; if nothing for the name ruining he let Black Sabbath endure from 1982 through to present! TOny has proved that he shouldn't be sole owner of the name (and direction for the band) because, as evident through past events, Sabbath is a sad form of what it once was!
Tony, a spade is a spade, democracy rules! Try and give Black Sabbath the cred it deserves, with the help/input of the OTHER members! Anyone say ELO? We DON'T want that for Sabbath, do we?

geez. where would someone begin with the misrepresentations here. Geezer was not watching a movie alone... the band saw a marquee on a theatre for the movie Black Sabbath, saw the crowds and that was what gave them the idea for a genre of music as well as their band name.

Sabbath with Ozzy ran from 1968 to 1979, and again in their reunion tour (1997-2001 and 2004-2005 where the name and original music was revived for a new generation of fans at Ozzfest). That would be 16 years. Dio was only with Sabbath from 1979-1982, and that first year basically was just a fill-in for Ozzy. That would be 2 years, 3 if you want to include concerts where the fans came to see the legend they'd grown up with but got no Ozzy,Geezer,Bill,&Tony but the rest of the band with Dio instead. My heart felt first-hand what Ward said "The live show seemed so bare, Ron was out there doing his thing and I just went 'It's gone'. I like Ronnie, but musically, he just wasn't for me."

Second, for a few years Iommi did not want to use the band name Black Sabbath, it was not of his choosing.

"The band spent the remainder of the year in the studio, recording what would become Seventh Star. Warner Bros. refused to release the album as a Tony Iommi solo release, instead insisting on using the name Black Sabbath."

"Returning to his solo work, Iommi enlisted bassist Dave Spitz and drummer Eric Singer...Glenn Hughes came along to sing on one track and we decided to use him on the whole album." Preparing for a full world tour, although the band were again forced to use the Black Sabbath name. "I was into the 'Tony Iommi project', but I wasn't into the Black Sabbath moniker," Hughes said. "The idea of being in Black Sabbath didn't appeal to me whatsoever."

Well, as usual to just get an album in the works is unbelievable from the societal stress of inventing what ever would be an ART, if it is ART, 'cause I can't do some Death stuff or radical Islam (talking believers into your will... I don't think I said that right, but I'm in a hurry to go exercize).

Example (another) of mixing musicians Sammy Hager in Van Halen. I believe it's somehow a healthy -coworker thing.

But to all whi(T)ch, I think "bringing it" while it's legal and were still all alive and hopefully heathy is a good thing, comming from an Entreprenerial spirit.