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Aimee Osbourne - the other first daughter (family #2)

Though I can't stand the dumb way they say "the forgotten" one, here's an article about Aimee. The picture in it, wow, is she ever a beautiful woman.

I recall Ozzy talking about her musical abilities and presence, i had no idea she tried to develop a career after the talk of it. I remember Kelly doing that on the show, does anyone know if there was ever anything published with Aimee singing? guess i could do a Youtube search.


I can see why Aimee would not want to be on the show, I think it was bad news from day 1. It had it's moments. Truth be told I was right there along with everyone else watching ... because it was Ozzy ...and gosh I love the man ta death and that's the closest I would ever get to him in the day to day.

But at the same time I was ashamed of myself and everyone else for being that probing and perverse that we'd pay to see into the privacy of a man I admire so much and his children. It was somewhere around that time I lost total respect for Sharon. Because as the only cognizant one of the supposedly "loving" couple - clearly it was she who set the stage for such a thing despite the fact that her husband needed rehab intervention for catatonic-bottom of-the-barrel stage drug addiction. She was not his friend, nor a good manager, to do that. If sales and reputation have suffered, ding-ding-ding?

Anyways, back to Aimee - ever since Ozzy mentioned in passing a comment about her presence and voice, it's left me wondering what she sounds like and dying to see what THE MAN sees in his daughter. Guess we may never know (if LG is right and she talks herself out of everything).

All I would hope is that she wouldn't do what Kelly did and go bubble-gum / Paris H.

I do not understand why Aimees name was pixelated out when you watched the Osbournes. To me she is better looking than her sister Kelly! no offence Kelly, as she is a beauty in her own right. I do not think that Aimee has a wieght problem (I can talk about weighing a little toooooooooo much).

I seem to remember that Aimeee did not want to partake in the Osbournes, as she wanted to make her own way in life, and not hitch a ride on the main Osburne roller coaster.

Jessica, to my knowledge, has always taken the shadow way, and not the lime light way!. Her Brother Louis, was on the Osbournes. I think that it may have raised his game plan, as he was linked to a local radio station bid, and kelly was on the opposite bid rival! I think that it was Kerrang FM that won, but i am not sure which side won!

Number 1

:o) very nice pictures, awww ~* that just made me smile. She has such beautiful thick hair, I love it! when it's up like that it really accentuates her high cheekbones and eyes, you know? and awww on a different level ~ that is sweet ~ Papa and baby girl. Ozzy!!!! :o) gotta luv the man, ya know?

Here are some more from easter together with Ozzy. Maybe you prefer them then:

Aimee is a natural beauty. She has stunning features and eyes, and cheekbones with dimples to die for. they're harder to see now with her short bangs.

not that my opinion matters, but I think less is more for her. If she'd stick with her radiant natural brown hair & makeup, and get rid of the bangs, she's hands down the most gorgeous Osbourne.

The picture you sent a link to is a very nice picture of her (yes indeed). I like her features better without the bangs tho (-: she looks gorgeous with long hair. <== wow, who would have imagined :o(

I knew she wanted to try something but I dont know if she did. As far as I remember Ozzy said that she easyly talks herself into doing nothing.
Heres a recent picture: