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alice in australia

well it seems alice cooper is here ,,for all you aussies that are here


hey guys i would of caught him if i knew,,he's sneaky with this tour,,i found out on the rove show last night,,and he's playing at canberra only a 120 kilometre drive,,but one thing about alice he comes here every couple of years ,,and i have seen him before and yes a great live show but alas not this time and i would love to see him be killed four times ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


So gimp, are you catching him on this tour? Amazingly, I didn't see him for the first time until 2007 (with Heaven and Hell, and Queensryche). The man is a master.

Shucks, I forget how many times I have seen him! So I will have to wait until he comes here next!

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