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All Aboard Crazy train tribute

Dear Ozzy O.:

Angels began singing for a reason! So people would wake up and challenge thoughts, it was boring guiding cave men into sick bears' caves just to see who would win.
I bet 'they' thought it was especially funny when a cold and lonely man, looking to get out of the dead cold of winter, frozen and starved, was found running through the wilderness goared and streaming blood, with a grizzly on his ass. What a story for the summer coming! "Please god" sounds bettere when you forget killing the lunch or dinner, and appreciate the attention. Who wants to be alone all winter or any season. Why would you/they themselves? Tips and Tricks, it would anyone, itself!!

Truth or dare: Touching people is better than sex

Devils believe just as much as you or me in the larger perspective. And, music is also for the unpopular even if the mnusic is popular?! Afterall, poor stars were there for the big one, not drugs rock 'n' roll, but sometimes sex, and not just love. I hope that belief has not led the light to you again in some attempt to unveil your secrets. Please remember when you bit the heads of of bats...people were just as impressed with you as they were unimpressed, that is always the catch (catechism) lol.
It brought a circulatory flotation to your fan base and mass. Theyu were drunk on you becasue you had tasted a maturity that was rare and from a black world unscathed by human eyes. It THRIVES still. I am not saying go bite more animala, but letting it be IS NOT YOU, or your family; ever. A thirsty world sees the rise and fall of the tide sweetly. They earn it, like you, present, and all accounted for churning their machines, like in Iron Man, for no reason, like ceaseless vengence.

ALL ABOARD ....(Crazytrain -Ozzy O.)


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