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Always Late ... breaking news - why is that?

Why is it that on the Ozzy fansite, the fans are not kept up on the latest Ozzy news ~ first?

this latest thing today with Zakk just brings home something i have wondered about for some time - why do the News & Blog get updated always after the fact (like, a week after, according to the article in Classic Rock) - and not at least have news or rumors break here?

what's up with that?

maybe a really STUPID question, but none-the-less...a curiousity.


kind of annoying huh



Well, it's not a real fansite. Further, it's not operated by Ozzy's management either. It's owned by the record company. Their primary interests are limited to tour info and record releases. I'm sure that at some point, maybe even in the next day or 2, they will have some type of news posting or even a statement from Ozzy. When news of the lawsuit was first breaking, an e-mail with a statement from Ozzy was sent out. Maybe they'll go about it that way again.