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An urgent request for Ozzy!!!:)

Hello, dear Ozzy!
I am a member of a metal group. We're all girls who are just starting the career of musicians. We play the real metal, but there is one problem. We live in Ukraine, and there are few chances to become a famous group living here, especially for girls!
We love your music more than anything in our lives and you've become our teachers! The only thing that inspires us is your music!!! We know that you understand how a person feels when one feels the music flowing on his veins! A person who breathes notes and who settles his heartbeat in a megascopic quart!
But we don't have any possibilities to develop... The reason is that we don't have any satisfying instruments. To be exact, we don't have drums and a bass-guitar at all, rest of the guitars don't sound well. Life of young musicians in Ukraine is so hard that we even have to make mediators of plastic cards! :(
If you would be so kind as to send us a guitar or drums (we don't even dare to dream of one of YOURS! We would be grateful for any instrument!), we would remember it till the rest of our lives!!!
Truly yours,


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