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I know that I am a little slack for not picking u the best book of the year, but life is hectic.

So then a couple of questions:

1) What number Lodge Road, Aston, Birmingham was the family residence?

2) What was the name of the Bar on the top end of Corporation Street Birmingham, that Ozzy owned with Thelma? Yep right up past, the Methodist Central Hall, Victoria Law Courts, Vynal Record Shop (second hand I believe), BUT before the NOW Childrens Hospital (ex-General Hospital), and the olde Central Fire Station opposite.

I could be pesueded to go along and take a few digital photo's for the site once I know the details!

So now then Oznoids

Can You HELP?


On one of the articles I posted it said Jack was talking with Thelma for his dads film. Interesting.

yeah its so funny ,,im still laughing on that ,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a very wasted vicar,,and ozzy thought he killed him ha ha ha ha ha ha ,,and i collect tins-all sorts and i'd love to have that tin in my collection,,that would be so fukin awesome

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

One down, one to go!

Number 1

ya, i would have laughed to see the vicar. could Thelma have been a witchy woman, doing it for the laugh of it? lol...i mean, he said there was a skull and cross-bones - she couldn't have been that blind.

14 lodge road
and i think in the first chapter he mentions the pub,,but im still trying to get the hand n clever images going in my soggy brain ha ha ha ha ban ha ha hthe vicor ha ha ha ah ha how stoned he would of been ha ha ha ha ha ha ha riding the horse to the pub ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

I've no idea Andy, good question. Doesn't it say in I Am Ozzy what his bars name with Thelma was?

And, being that you live in the area, can't you ask around? Silly man...we live thousands of miles away! Pictures would be cool.