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Anybody try to write a song but can't be a Blabber M...

A County Regulatory Commision gives permission to one of it's Contractors (your employer) to view the web sites that you vistit?

Or your employers IT department checks out anything you put on the internet to see if your making statements about the company, but entertains itself on your internet posts?

Thereby you are informing everyone in the public of your posts?

Blabber Mouth - Is there something to get over here.


That's certainly a mixed bag, ryo. I do think that the scenario involving external contractors is a little shaky, but it's certainly legal for a company or employer to oversee any activity involving electronic devices that they own or lease. Of course, one part of the issue is that they are liable for a lot of the things that are done using their systems. That includes personal references to a fellow employee. Sure, they're also concerned with the use of company resources and company time for "surfing the net." And these aren't the only components that go into that line of thinking. Of course, monitoring this traffic also consumes time and resources, and it's really tough to enforce related policies fairly and equitably. A lot of companies and public entities are finding it a lot easier to simply block access to certain services like E-Bay, Photobucket, or even AOL.

I've got to admit, I feel that anyone who spends their entire workday on the internet when it is NOT part of their job, probably does not contribute a whole lot to their company's success.