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Are you a Brummie Ozzy Osbourne fan?

I'm writing a feature on Ozzy Osbourne for my journalism university assignment - can anyone help please? I'm particularly interested in the views of Brummies!

Have you been a fan of Ozzy right from the beginning?

Did you ever see Ozzy perform in Birmingham before he became famous?

Did you drink with him?

Go to school with him?

Know him?

Brummies share your memories here!


i once seen ozzy leaving a seven11 oops sorry that was elvis ha ha ha ha ha


A hard nights trawl, and I find this topic!

I am not a Brummie as I live 300 meters from the birmingham border in Solihull!

I used to work with a guy called Stan Philips, who reckoned he dated one of Ozzy's sisters.

I work with a guy who says he drinks with ozzy's brother.

A guy I used to work with claimed that when he was at UNI in Birmingham/Aston he used to drink on Ozzy's pub at the top of Birmingham's Corporation Street, just down the road from the Criminal Courts! This was when he was married to Thelma. By all accords it was a riotous time!

Sorry that is the best i can do! So I hope I have relayed the facts, if not s*** i'm sorry

Number 1


I Guess I'm not Brummie Then.

I Think Of Ozzy as a Friend, NonetheLess....

He's Sort of Like, You Know...

A Role Model!

Ya, That's It!

Ozzy Osbourne is a Role Model of Mine!




im sorry chill,but i;m an australian...
i knew what you meant my wifes dad is a brummie
but he likes country music


so is no one else a Brummie here?

Thanks for that Terry!

It's not a scam Dave, if you are from Birmingham you are known as a 'Brummie' here in the UK.


I am a Brummie Ozzy fan. My father grew up with him in Aston, he tells me that they were very good mates when growing up and often got into a lot trouble. They both also did a few tattoo's on each other, my dad has HELL TELL across his fingers just like the Ozzy across Ozzy's fingers. I would love to contact Ozzy and see if he remembers my old man not sure how to do it.



This a Scam? Because I have Loved Ozzys' voice since when I first heard it on "Sabotage" with Black Sabbath. Does this make Me Brummie or WhatEver?