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When was the last time ozzy has came to Arizona has he ever came? if so what city?


Arizona s(_)cks the royal pud. it's way too hot and people here are unfriendly types in general. now Austin, TX, give me Austin ANYDAY!!!

hey ozzgod i just had a sneaky peeky in ozzgod,,i seen you getting your freaky about with that dress,,coollll..and the tatt is s*** hot( aussie slang for excellent )..the tatt needs some yellow and a touch of that your only one,, i have no room for that size tatt ha ha ha ha ha the metal tatts ive got are sodom, possessed ,celtic frost,saddistic execution,,mercyful fate and some others i just seem to cant find oh my back job is butchered at birth by cannibal corpse,,that is fitting for a gimp ha ha ha ha ha ha


usually i like an invite--- thanx ozzgod,i'll pop in and check it out cheers--and i like nekked boobs,,,,i dont usually surf for porn,,mofo does that for me ha ha ha ha ha


gimp... no invite needed... go ahead and look around... it's just a site where I keep some of my s h i t like concert photos, pics of me and my tat, halloween in las vegas, etc... it's kind of an ongoing work in progress... basically stuff of mine from the past three years or so...

and yeah, there's no porn there...

however... if you click on my 'ozzfest 06' link and then click 'more pics' you'll get to see some ozzfest boobs... nekkid boobs...

or you could just google 'ozzfest boobs'... my page usually comes up as the first or second listing...

it's just f u c k around stuff...

you can even see me wearing my mom's prom dress if you click on 'pinkie's b i t c h'...


rock on...


hey ozzgod i read your front page on ,,s*** man is a gimp aloud in ha ha ha ha i wont be looking for porn but i may swear a s***load ha ha ha f u c k me a site were some can swear,please give me an invite


the listings under the "Events" tab only go back to May 2007...


when metallica came to a city here in southern AZ it was such a dream come true. i bought tickets for my oldest & his wife & bought them tires & gas to get here (450 miles), bought my teen son & then 7 year old daughter tickets (cuz i wanted all me babies with me, nay, couldn't imagine the experience without all of them there!), and bought myself & my man a ticket. plus i spent close to $500 for a camera they wouldn't even let me take in - that sucked the pud. after spending close to $1000 for the six hours, i would have liked a better takeaway then the sweat-rings on my t-shirt from hundreds of shirtless guys.

the pushing of the crowd ruined the whole atmosphere for me. mostly guys - and being 5'3" that made the ability to see worse. you couldn't even rock with the songs the bodies were pushed so damn tight. it was a crappy venue - i wish i could have seen them in a much smaller crowd where people weren't so wild.

but what do i know. i mean, you work your ass off all day, week in and out, for years and years on end. pay bills, cook, clean, and lose your hair raising kids who are all "me, me, me." but mainly? you work all the time. the ONLY f***ing break i get from the grind is when i get to see my favorite bands. and then i don't really even get to see them, interact, get close. EXCEPT when i get passed forward on request over the crowd. i've taken advantage of that last second on the gate fence right in front of the band. i turn around and see them up close and personal and get the BIGGEST rush. i did it for Metallica and it was so f***ing HOT!!! lol. ;-)

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

if there could be anything, wouldn't it be cool to have a mid-day Fri to mid-day Sun weekend festival where Ozzy played several short sets featuring each of his albums? and it was in a relaxed setting, not with 30,000 other folks, instead something like 600. that would be my dream. i hate the big concert scenes, i mean you wait for ever to see your favorite band then have to deal with the crowd smashing you in to get close to the stage (realizing of course that you are front and center because how else would it be lol). i get tired of that scene. or maybe i'm just getting old.

seriously, if you could do that, wouldn't you pay $1000 for a ticket? f*** the husband, wife, or kids, just for yourself? i would, big time.

i mean, if they took 3 installments for the tickets, something like that months ahead of time would make it doable for the budget. they could make security extremely tight so nothing nefarious got in just like a regular concert. more, i would not care!!! wouldn't that be cool?

yes i know what is, is what is,,im not jealous of any of you ozznoids for getting to ozzfest or any metal gig for that matter,,good on ya's,,keep the faith--- dont worry i'll get it on dvd,,get pissed and watch it at home,,at least i wont get arrested for being to wasted ha ha ha ha ah


ha ha ha ha ha ha no the photo's are personal,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahha ha but i would make a sweet deal for 82,,no probs,oh and my art is more twisted than any photo's i got,,they would do more damage to your brain than any photo that me or mofo would possess


Sorry, I think the days of Ozzfest are numbered, especially with a decreasing amount of bands willing to play for free. And I do understand the issues with acts not appearing in your neighborhood. We drove over 700 miles (~1000 km?) one way to see Ozzy on the Black Rain tour. Was planning to go even a little farther to see H&H and Judas Priest when I got sick. I could go on about tour scheduling for Iron Maiden and Scorpions, but it is what it is.

Now gimp I'm sure that you would cut me a sweet deal on some of that fine art that you're holding, but how about pictures from some of your leather and latex parties? You should be able to make a killing with those on the internet.

we get no ozfest ever


Arizona, I dont know but you US guys got Ozzfest for how many years?
Thats a ton more than Europe got to see of Ozzy the last ten years and of cause more than the aussis got.

hey i was just commenting on how ( cry cry cry ) the northern hemisphere gets more ozzy,,,i know when ozzy was here,i found out late and a s*** load of bills arrived,,, family first,,i dont get much cash and i was hopin to sell some art to pay for my ozzy injection.... ( cry cry cry cry cry ),,hey 82 maybe you'd like to buy some art ha ha ha ha ha ha ah


Las Vegas, Nevada should have the 4 million population. Not Pheonix, Arizona. Hell, the politicians there want to ban College (Basketball) Sports betting!

Hey, if they think they can get away and do someting for themselves by cheating, I think they need to go ahead and try.

Oh gimpster, Ozzy played Sydney on Mar. 18, 2008. Also played Melbourne and Brisbane that same week. I can't believe that you weren't there.

since theres stuff all events in australia ,i wont be looking there ,,crying smily here


Nov. 28, 2007 - Glendale, AZ - Center
Black Rain Tour w/ Rob Zombie

By the way, you can find that info under the "Events" tab.

geez ozzy has been to arizona more than all of australia


I don't know for sure when the last time Ozzy was in Arizona...


Black Sabbath played Tuscon for their Master of Reality tour...
Black Sabbath played Phoenix and Tuscon for their Technical Ecstacy tour...
Black Sabbath played Phoenix for their Never Say Die tour...
Ozzy played Tuscon, Phoenix and Tempe for the Blizzard of Ozz tour...
Ozzy played Tuscon and Phoenix for the Diary Of A Madman tour...
Ozzy played Tuscon for the Bark At The Moon tour...
Ozzy played Tuscon and Phoenix for The Ultimate Sin tour...
Ozzy played Phoenix twice for the No Rest For The Wicked tour...
Ozzy played Phoenix for the No More Tours tour...
Ozzy played Phoenix for his Retirement Sucks tour...
Ozzfest was in Phoenix in '96, '97, '99, '00, '02, '03, '06,
Ozzy was in Phoenix for the Reunion tour...
Ozzy played Tuscon for his Merry Mayham tour...

I'm sure I've missed dates... I know I have... especially the more recent ones...

but Ozzy HAS been to Arizona...



I have no clue if or when Ozzy's ever been to Arizona..but welcome

I'm in here Oz-noids :-)