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back ground on website

the background on web site reminds me of wallpaper we had in our living room in 1970, my dad was way a head of his time or did ozzy creep in and paper the walls i ask yeah !


Bald? if you want to meet mine, look "my photo"

haha kala so is minee! lmao my dog is bald..... XD!

yeah the background on this site is pretty sweett =]

im running fast but getting nowhere.
i see the light but i never get there.

Mine is my dog!

The wallpaper in my PC is the cover of Ozzy's latest album "Black rain" . It looks cool.

'The black rain is falling
Contaminating the ground
The human race is dying
The dead are scattered around...'

I hadn't notice but, yes it's a nice wallpaper