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Bill Ward wants to release 3 albums this year

This interview is from february.
Here's what he said:
THIRSTY: What are you currently involved in musically? Does the Bill Ward Band still participate in the modern music scene?

BW: Oh yea! This year I’ve worked nonstop. I’m in the process of finishing up three albums, which are ALL my albums. When I write songs, I usually write everything (tracks), so I compose in guitar, bass, keyboards, melody arrangements, the vocals…just everything really. So I’m really active inside my own music…
I will keep an eye on this. Loved his album "Along the Way"


Bill did 2 albums so far:
From When the Bough Breaks
From Ward One: Along the Way
and this one should be on one of the upcoming album if I remember it right. It's released on his website.
what do you think?

I seam to rememeber that Bill had one at least years ago called "WARD ONE", BUT I missed getting a copy. I do have a Geezr CD, which is somewhere here! Interesting to say the least. GOOD all the same

Number 1

I would describe "Along the Way" as a sort of psychodelic rock.
Put " along the way Bill Ward " into youtube search and you find a few songs to listen to.

Thanks LD! I haven't heard BW, I'll look for Along the way