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Birthday present...

A close friend of mine (and, sadly, former girlfriend) is an absolute Ozzy fanatic.
I'm a fan of his work, but she's something more: she's made Ozzy a personal obsession.

Her birthday is coming up next month, and I, being a guy, have no idea what girls could possibly consider a worthwhile gift.

Then it hit me: why not do something utterly outrageous for her birthday?
Something so off-the-wall that she would remember it for the rest of her life?

I decided to see if I could get her a 5 minute phone call from Ozzy himself. Or maybe an autograph or something.

Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, his email address, or any other way to contact him, is not listed on this site.

So I post here, desperately hoping he might deign to notice a single insignificant fan's plea.
Because I do not have a job at the moment, my income is severely limited.
I've saved up 80 dollars so far, and I'm afraid that's all I can offer.
But I'm willing to pay that much for 5 minutes of your time.

Would you please make my sweet Diane's birthday memorable?

(if any of the forum moderators/admins could foreward this to him, I would greatly appreciate it.
If not, I'll just try to think up an easier-to-get gift.)


i dont even know if ozzy comes on this site, but i hope you get wat you want oh and
happy birthday from the simpnoid!!


happy birthday fron the gimpnoid