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Black Christmas Album

According to an article in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Issue 1104 - May 13, 2010), Ozzy Osbourne will release a Christmas album, "Black Christmas", late next year, accompanied by a TV special. Ozzy's wife and manager insisted with a laugh that she'd discussed the idea with him, but "he's trying to forget that it actually exists." The article also reveals that Ozzy will release deluxe 30th-anniversary editions of his first two solo albums — "Blizzard Of Ozz" (1980) and "Diary Of A Madman" (1981) — with their original drum and bass tracks restored (unlike the 2002 reissues of these albums, which saw the replacement of the original bass and drum tracks by Osbourne's then-drummer Mike Bordin and -bassist Robert Trujillo).

Regarding the sound of his new solo album, "Scream", Ozzy told Rolling Stone, You can stay in the Eighties or move on. It's a very heavy record. It's a bit of my SABBATH days. It's a bit of my solo days. It's a bit of the modern day."

The new album and tour will introduce Greek guitarist Gus G. (FIREWIND, DREAM EVIL, ARCH ENEMY). Ozzy parted ways last year with axeman Zakk Wylde, who has played on every Ozzy album and almost every tour since 1988.

Gus played over nearly finished tracks rather than collaborating on songwriting as Wylde did. "It's a fine line, actually, between thinking of the ghosts of past [Ozzy] guitar players and basically not caring at all," said Gus. "I just tried to be myself and have respect for Ozzy's legacy as an artist."

Meanwhile, Ozzy has sold the film rights to his best-selling memoir, "I Am Ozzy". "It has to be a brand new talent playing Ozzy," said Sharon, "because if you go the Val Kilmer/'Doors' way, it becomes too Hollywood."

Ozzy told Rolling Stone he was excited to hit the road and was already thinking about potential set lists. "I've got such a f***ing body of work to choose from now," he said. I'd like to do some different SABBATH songs, and some different Ozzy songs." Also under consideration are full performances of the "Blizzard" and "Diary" albums as a way to celebrate their 30th anniversary.


I agree Big Fan but I also understand the actual situation
Reality is I think the decision was made in the middle of the album
thus We can only hope that we get an Ozzy album with Gus G influence
and I get a feeling we will sooner than later

and lol echoing...ventrico is definitely a capricorn personality, that is for sure. but if that is what was done i can understand the zeal of a fan of Gus. i'm sure if he pulls his weight on tour he'll be set free to fly. it sounds like Ozzy is really banking on him being a big contributor. maybe this is just how he is going to start the guy out. who knows?

Can you scan in a copy of this article???? Or can anyone verify this is accurate???


Oooh, THAT'S how a band works!?!? Which multi platinum album did you release?

You don't have to leave the lights on. I'm so used to being blind.

Oh my God. Full performances of Blizzard and Diary?


you have got to be effin kidding me! gus played over zakks tracks. how unfair and f***ing selfish of ozzy churko sony. you bring fresh blood in use it collaborate with him this is how a BAND works. you dont rely on what your producer is telling you to create. i'm sure gus would have love to be a part of it now we have zakk retreads how boring!