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black sabbath concert poster 1970

hi i have a genuine 1970 concert poster for black sabbath
they were in a festivalwith hawkwnd,cochise,johnny johnson and the bandwagon and others
it is for sale i am open to offers
d howse


just being friendly Andy. yes, you did mention that. however, i wanted to chit-chat with the newbie.

Did I mention go to Wolfgangs Vault? Oh Sorry I just thought I would mention it yet again!

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neither do i,,its gone oh hang on i still got one of my smash up derby cars

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

hi thewillinghorse, that's very cool. did you have it cuz you were into them in the day? bad@ss. i have nothing from when i was a kid.

Check out "Wolfgangs Vault", as they have shed loads

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