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Black Sabbath Earliest Recordings

Don't know if this has been brought up yet, but thought I'd pass it along anyway...

Recorded shortly after the name transition between Earth and Black Sabbath


I have this stuff...whenever I play it people just laugh at me! lol

"Let's Go Crazy!"

I wish I could help you there but I don't have a clue. The Sabbath and Bowie stuff wow, cool! You know me, not a big ACDC fan, but hats off to those who are. Never liked them.

Trawling my Casstetes to burn I have found:
Black Sabbath - Doomsday Recitation, Lund, Sweden 21/4/77
Black Sabbath, followed by Marilion Reading 1982
Marillion, Hammershsth Odeon, London 2/3/85 - BBC Radio 1
David Bowie @? 8/4/1985 - BBc Radio 1
ZZ Top live@? when?
Suzzii Quatro live@? when?
AC DC Live in Paris 12/9/79
AC DC Atlantic Studios 7/12/77 - B side - Back in Black

I have tried to record in a WAV file, but Media player will not let it play!

Your suggestions PLEASE

Number 1

hey cool Hand, appreciate the link. Listen to the harmonies on The :oP hilarious. Love it though, how awesome, thanks!