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Book signing - Skokie IL

Did anyone go to this? I was like 97th in line but I think there were thousands lined up to meet him. Anyone know anything about this? Have any pics of him? I have some pics but my friend took them and he was shaking so they didn't turn out too good. They pushed you through the line so fast it was like you were cattle...


HEY, I actually went to that aswell. I was in the first 50, I know because the Barne and Nobles store people took a head count. I, too, am also looking for any pictures, video footage, anything really of that day. It was an amazing experence, but when I was reaturning home from that trip, I lost my camera, so I got nothing. Did you ever find any pictures or anything? Would you share them with me or inform me of how to get some myself? thank you,


Yeah I was there with my fiance and we were 1st and 2nd in line after waiting outside across the street in the other shopping center parking lot. The guards at the mall would not let us stay in front of the book store. I think they handled the crowd ok up until getting to Ozzy then they were really fast with some people but not others. Ozzy was great he stood up and hugged my fiance and took a picture with her which made her so happy I think she could die and be happy where ever she goes. I think Ozzy did it because she was the very first person in line and he knew she waited all night out in the freezing cold. Ozzy you are the f***ing man thanks.

John Barr

I'm on the other side of the country. But some said although there were alot of people it was still nice to meet Ozzy. You didn't mention that, how was it?