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Concert in Israel

Hi Ozzy
You don't me but know you. I know for a long long time since I was a kid. I followed your moves for years. I know your songs by heart; I know your story and even know your family. Why? Because I appreciate good music and talent. I appreciate character. I did not judge you when I heard all the stories about drugs, bats, hotels and other stuff. I was interested about your music. I find it damn good. The best. I pass it on to my kids.
Please do not judge me just because I come from Israel and my decision makers made a bad decision. Anyway they all bunch of $#%^&%$. It does not matter where.
I care about your music. Be a rocker not a politician. Come to Israel. Don't let us down. We are waiting for almost 30 years....
Itay Abuahv
48 years old
Tel Aviv


Ozzy , you are god to me ! im 12 years old from israel and i will come with my friends to your show , i dont think that you should cancel the show ' im begging you to come , all og those politicians lie in the face ' they dont know the situation ' those "peaaceful activates" carried weapons to Gaza , and we screwed up ?? why the f*** ?? and you know what if it is are fault ' so its the goverment desicions not the ciztizens choice ' we f***ing love you here in israel , i so love you and your music .... please come !!
sorry for the spelling mistakes i dont so good at english

love you f***ing very very much Bar ,
and if you come ill be so thankful to you !! and ill make all my friend buy tickets and come !

There is no reason to fall victim to the media provocation which was probably the goal of the whole scandal from the start with the cost of human blood..
one day they can provoke artists to ban the country, on the next day they might provoke a nuclear war.
don't let the war pigs to manipulate you.
you probably understand that no reasonable Israeli have bad intentions toward innocent Arabs
please come to Israel.

totally agree.
i ain't gonna f*** here about politics,
just to ask Ozzy to please don't listen to the s*** in the news,
and the lies that are being told about Israel and the IDF.
I'm a fan of Ozzy from like 7 years old,
and i'm begging you to come!

U should come to Israel .. be a munch don't belve the lies of radical Muslims or violence "peace acttivest" that try to kill or/and kidnapped an Israeli soldier .
We have only one country and we doing everything to dipent it , what u wold do if someone try to kick u out 'sand children to do their fight .
The Turkish people had occupied North Kurdistan for 100's of years ,They did Holocaust to the Arminan people over 1,000,000 Christen Armenian was dead .
Israel is not the problem of the Islam u r , every free soul every free being , don't let them win first Israel than UK and the rest of the world
Peace and love Molco from the Holly Land

<strong>You are a obviosly a very loyal fan. I just hope he keeps safe there, God bless him… </strong>
† Coolstreaky †