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Contact Details Needed For Ozzy Osbourne and Managem...


My name is Waseem Faraz Butt, I'm 18 and I currently manage the band Baraka, based from

We have worked hard in making the remix to the song "Mamma I'm Coming Home"
and are wishing to contact Ozzy Osbourne and His Management to present it to them.
Is anyone there who could help me give contact details so that I may get in contact with them?

Any help will be much obliged!
Thankyou for taking time to read this.

Waseem Faraz Butt



I will try it, Thankyou ^_^

Peace, Love & Light and my friend

If anyone else has any other information, It will be great.

Not sure if this info is still good but at one time this was good contact info
goodluck hope to hear the remix sometime

Ozzy Osbourne
P.O. Box 5249
Beverly Hills, CA 90209.