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Crazy little dream

I from time to time have the occasional dream about musicians. I had one of Davis from Korn where he handed me the Book Of Korn, Zombie, Manson, Vedder and many others. Granted most of my dreams involve your basic f***ed up s***, nothing important, unless your the type of guy who would hitchhike 1000 miles to see if it was real or not. On a few occasions, Manson only, there have been songs that they have never recorded or that I have never heard, that were playing in my head. Friday afternnoon I woke at about 3, and apparently I was listening to the radio. The DJ on the radio said my name followed by, "you got yours in." Next hing I know he starts playing this song. At first I thought it was a Zepplin tune, cause of the guitar. Next thing I know the drums start this low roar and then Ozzy starts singing. I missed what the first few verses said, but when I got up in my dream to get a better listen I heard him say, "It's the sound I use to draw you in."

Anyone else have a dream where a song that has never been wrote by an atrist plays in your head?


I'm hungeyhungey

U.S. Cellular Raising the bars

I had a dream that I was at the doctor's office, and the doctor was trying to kill me! NO JOKE!!!!!

i think that's pretty cool that you dream of musicians. damn, if i could just sleep long enough TO dream, I'd be doing good. that must be very cool.

Wow.. thats f***ing out of it.. lol

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