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Disappointed with Ozzy's comments about Black Sabbat...

I was glad that Toni Iommi played clubs and smaller venues in the 1980s and 1990s. It enabled me to see some great musicians .... the late great Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Vinnie Appice etc ...... and some great singers too ..... Ronnie James Dio, Glenn Hughes, Tony Martin, Ray Gillen ......... all of whom can hold a tune better than Ozzy !

Don't get me wrong, I love Ozzy and his music I just think he has got a poor memory of the 1980s and 1990s ....... Tony Iommi was out there playing live to the fans when Ozzy was lying in a pool of his own p**s, trying to kill his wife or kissing MTVs butt !! Surely there is room for all versions of Black Sabbath and is it wrong to like them all ?


Yeah I don't get it....I can't understand why they can't stop fighting with each other....I mean who cares if Ozzy has more money than Iommi what are they gonna do take it to their graves? When I reach their age I won't care about how much money I have because I will focus on living happy the last years of my life...I dont understand how men like Ozzy and Iommi still fight over money instead of saying ok you've got more money so what? We'll all end up six feet under....I wish I could send a letter to Ozzy and Iommi writing the stuff that i said above...

King Ozzy

andy i agree

Lots of things have been said over the years and with hindsight should be taken with a pinch of salt. Each side have grown up, and then one side has had a go for what ever reason, so the retailiation goes on, and then stops and starts again.

We are all human and should not be pedistal, or kept in a glass dome to be admired from a far!

Ozzy has been on the same bill as RJD, but not in the Sabbath guise as He said it was not for him, basically

Each to their own, and Iommi/record company kept the name of Sabbath alive, where as Ozzy went for broke and made his true name and fortune. The others admit admit that they are jealous of Ozzy fortune. Then again if he had stayed, then Ozzy would have less than a quarter of that fortune with royalties, etc.

It is time to kiss and make up, as they are now in their 60's!

Number 1

Nicely Said...Respect The Blizzard!

If you think Ozzy has reached the point he is now by lying to his pool during the 80's and 90's then you don't know what work means...anyway Ozzy remained loyal to giving his fans what they want which is music while Iommi let things go bad for some time that's why he used to play at clubs during that time...
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its not wrong to like all black sabbath,,,,but this is an ozzy site and he should be respected----- oh and welcome newbs