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Duria Sadyr, bloodmetal from darkest hell!

This must be right place to start speak of Duria Sadyr metalband. Duria Sadyr is rising metalband from northern Finland, Oulu. New genre is Bloodmetal, and band is leader of this genre. And has created it. No other bands yet. Only Duria Sadyr. Its much people who dont like and who love much Duria Sadyr. Its different opinions and minds of course, and its always that with many bands. Everybody dont like even the bestmetal band Metallica! This is not a joke! Duria Sadyr is serious band, but some people say its joke. I dont care of that! DURIA SADYR IS BLOODY METAL OF HELL AND DEATH!! >:)

Website of Duria Sadyr mikseri. Music page where all started

Duria Sadyr Myspace

From year 2007 has Duria Sadyr been here. It was first one man's band, but
now things are chance. Duria Sadyr was very well thinked before it came, and long time. First it was in music therapy where Duria Sadyr was born, and even with muscle disease and many failings has Duria Sadyr did well and its wellknown by many people. Duria Sadyr has got Cult status or something, and it will goes up all the time. I hope so. In this year Duria Sadyr got a ghost member, who was mystically gone when played guitars to some songs. In this summer 2008 there was found a new member to Duria Sadyr, finally! Basist. Still need guitarist. Now autumn it goes very well in Duria Sadyr and new songs are training. No songs with hurry. Unreadyness has always been bad thing in Duria Sadyr, the most bad. Im interesting how Duria Sadyr will do in year 2009.. 8)

Its Duria Sadyr Youtube videos, too. I did not make them.

Duria Sadyr covers Judas Priest killer-song Breaking the Law!

Duria Sadyrs cover of Burzums War song

Hope you will help Duria Sadyr in its rising to one metalstar to the sky of metal! The metalmusic is the best on earth!! :)


listened to your links on you tube its got some promise maybe but its not me or am i just to old.oh well i just keep gettin back to ozzy


I heard your you tube link and I am not the right person to judge the band because is not my style. I like more "melodic" sound just like Ozzy, Sorry