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Eddie Trunk Responds To Insult From OZZY’s Bassist!

It looks like we’ve got a serious heavy metal “cat fight” brewing between OZZY’s bass player Blasko and Eddie Trunk, who currently hosts the nationally syndicated radio show Eddie Trunk Rocks(WAXQ) FM, Eddie Trunk Live on the XM satellite radio station “The Boneyard” (Channel 53), along with That Metal Show, which airs weekly on VH1 Classic. It all started back on Oct 20th, when bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson of OZZY OSBOURNE’s band put out this tweet:

“Was just listening to Eddie Trunk Live on Sirius XM… That dude can go get f***ed! Since when is
that douche bag the ambassador of Metal?”

Well, those words look to have stirred something up in Trunk, enough at least for him to respond back with a recent tweet himself...

Read the article I found on the feud here at this URL:



t appears that he said what needed said and already dropped it. sensationalist media...damn.


um...repeating, anyone hear anything further? NOT EVEN LD?????????

hey! who followed this story? i'm all itchin' to know what the final mud-sling was...was it a draw?
reach for the moon!

have to admit that was prolly the rudest retort the guy could think of. Who's Blasko my @ss. So, what's that say...he has at least one brain cell working.

I like Blasko. He's awesome. He gets to play onstage next to The Man, and he has a great stage presence.

I wonder what his response to that was...heh heh. a big old thump on the head to the Benny Hill dead ringer?


g'day sid from australia,,and welcome


Welcome Sid! Hopefully That Metal Show will still be on when I get home from the game Saturday night.