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GUS G to be Ozzy's new lead guitarist?

Gus G is a terrible choice to replace Zakk. Zakk was great on classics like No More Tears, and No Rest For The Wicked, but lets face it he's lost his touch. Anyone who plays a f***ing Epiphone shaped like a coffin has lost it. That said i don't think that Gus G would be a very good replacement, if you listen to Firewind most of their riffs are simple and unsophisticated, Ozzy's music has been known for not only great lyrics but also grade A guitar work, Gus G would put the Rest Of the Osbourne legacy to shame. I think Ozzy should have open auditions in LA like he did in the 80s last time he did that he found Randy Rhoads and that wasn't so bad was it? Anyway i think he should look to the undiscovered guitarist for fresh talent rather than and overrated Greek "power metal" player. Perhaps if he didn't want to have open live auditions he could have an online contest or something I'm sure that I am not the only guitarist who would like a chance to fight for that spot.

PS if i had to pick an already established guitarist i would pick Alexi Laiho.



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