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Happy Birthday OZZY OSBOURNE!! 16 FOREVER!

Ozzy is fierce and loyal and strong and young.

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Ozzy has helped us soo much and he fights the Babylon all the time...and wins!
Ozzy has seen the best talents come and gone, he has had the best lineups of all time!
Ozzy is a great person and I LOVE HIM!

Sharon is his best friend whether you are a fan of her or not. I love that.
I will miss Zakk Wylde being the guitarist in Ozzy's band though. B.L.S. is strong on their own.
Brotherhood/Sisterhood combined..good times.

I really love Black Rain and I'm so excited to hear more of Ozzy's lyrics. The spoken word is so strong, it changes the world.



Yes i agree ozzy has he helped me for sure going through brake ups . it was hard but ozzy made it better!

“Diary of a madman”

Happy Birthday!