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Just a quick word to say how much i enjoyed your book "I Am Ozzy". It's very funny and honest. I'm happy, and somewhat surprised you could remember al the stories concidering what you've consumed, lol. I've been a fan since 1972, my first real Rock album was (And still my fav) Vol 4. I hope to see you in England on tour if you decide to tour that is, and maybe in LIverpool.

Out of all the stars on the planet there's two i've wanted to meet most of my life they are Sir Paul McCartney and your good slef Ozz. Well i've had the great pleasure and honour to meet Sir Paul, a few times, what a gentleman he is, now i just long to meet you Ozzy. Here's hopeing.

Best wishes to you and your family Ozz. Keep Rockin'

Paul Hudson


I'm Lovin It! I got to the part where Ozzy shoots all of his chickens.

I hate captcha! Down with captcha!

i got i am ozzy 4 my b-day i wz soo happy i screamed & jumped up& down lol great book. very interestin & mayb a little too much info bout the goings on w/ the groupies lol but its all good. luv the pics of ozzy as a boy. soo cute. i think ill read it again : >
luv OZZY! /; > LUV him

A national chain of book sellers is now selling it for will you believe it £4.99! shocking!

Number 1

There was a rumour that Ozzy was a Choir boy, and it went on that he was asked to leave!

But Yes, follow the Darkones lead

Number 1

Hey, we have a thread in the Ozzy Discussion area "<a href="http://www.ozzy.com/forum/i-am-ozzy-fan-discussion-ozzys-book">I Am Ozzy: Fan Discussion of Ozzy's Book</a>."

I'd be interested in hearing more of your thoughts on the book. I loved it too :o).