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I am sick and tire of being sick and tire

How do I starT? Lets start by saying I am sick, sad, tired of being in this planet of being just a human been. Live is crazy. I dont know if I am selfish or something but I just dont give a f*** anymore, Crazy.. I have been listening to a lot of different music, salsa, hispanic revolutionary music, rap, classic, arab, you name it but the one that express my feelings is the heavy metal, I feel like You..(Ozzy), or Black Sabbath or Metallica, or Heaven and hell or Megadeth or...you know what I mean. read my mind or knew what I was thinking. I always wanted to talk to you but i guess thats impossible so I decides to write something..THIS...Prince of darkness. meaning you must believe the same thing I believe, or are against the same I am agains the same. I am who once though about the prince of darkness. but, there is always a but, I guess time is running and there is no time to loose. I will never meet you.and the anly way to express what i feel is this damn technological way. By the way i am getting drunk at this very time something I h=avent done in like 6 years. My brain is about to explode. i am surrounded by people that even though I heve shown my loyalty abuse of my so called power. Power that I feel, that I know is there but I cant fullfill. Am I going insane, or what.
Sometimes I wish with dead, close my eyes and no wake up. this is crazy But I cant kill myself somebody has to do the job for me. Is thsi insane? I think so. and think not. I am crying because I cant fight anymore I feel weak and hopeless, the only thing is that something that i dont know telols me to keep going.
f***, I am a low class person. A damn peasant so called by kings, and queens, butr who has abrain that counts 100000000more than theirs. I will die eventually..hell..I am jus a dreamer, a f***ing human been who was cursed by the so called god. f***ing god,..but any way all I wanted to say is that I respect you. prince of darkness, I am just a dreamer and I guess thats how I will die. Thank you. why?. you let something to bring the light by you. by the way I am glad your wife is feeling a lot better. You should do more than one or two cd's Yes I might be crazy and sure if is not reading by you this is f***ing insane., yeah insanity but who knows the meaning of insanity. s*** I guess I am done. Thank you and I am sorry, for wha?I dont know if you do know but i do know. and I guess you will know if you dont know. no easy way out right?


911 or 1-800-SUICIDE

Wow....and I thought my life was not that good....now I feel like the happiest person on Earth! Man you got some seeeeerious issues...either this is a fake( it sounds too s***ty) or you have manic depression or something......

Also Streaky in order to get into hell's angels you have to give up family and everything and to become an official member you have to kill somebody....so don't make the man more miserable than he is...also you should watch out too for things like that that seem cool but they are what's worse for you....

...Other than that.......That's a great idea Streaky! Yeah man! Go buy a chopper and live the easy rider life! It's great the travelling shall set you free! Escape from the crap! Now!

King Ozzy

Don't kill yourself. You don't really know what situations will come up that will change your life for the better. And why die when you are into metal music? That's one thing thats definitely worth living for. You are kind of almost convincing yourself that you are tiered of life. Go out and live- Become a hell's angel or something.

† Coolstreaky †

I'm cursed too. I know how you feel. And the stupid captcha thing is really pissing me off right now.