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If Ozzy Would Fart, I'd Be The Last To Know...

Lately I feel that when it comes to what goes on with Ozz, I'm always the last to know. Ozzy could fart, and I would be the last to know. I feel that even though there is a MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter page for Ozz,it still feels like it's just not enough. I only wish that someone could teach Ozzy how to use Twitter or MySpace or Facebook, so "Ozz" could keeep his fans updated on what's going on with him. I'm tierd of being the last to know what goes on in the land of Ozz.


"you are my only daughter,
I guess I made you twice
You look inside my other,
He'll give you bad advice
I will tell I'm OK,
But deep inside I'm afraid"

-Ozzy Osbourne-

Try going to some of these sites for Ozzy news. <a href="http://www.ozzy.com/forum/everything-ozzy">http://www.ozzy.com/forum/everything-ozzy</a>

His fan sites are notoriously bad at getting news out about the man. There's constantly pictures and articles from a variety of sources featuring him but not published anywhere on his sites.

:o( I'm with you on this one. I enjoy an easy way to see what's happenin' with the man. And hey, his first appearance in the US was today in NYC...so some pictures will hopefully be showing up soon.