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killer tunes!!!!

diggin me down is classic!!

gus g is awesome and ozzy sounds like old sabbath i love it. there is a sound that randy used to use on fills and gus sounds damn close.


I WANT IT MORE..... is one of my favourites apart from the whole f$%&ng CD.....
It's Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Really the Ozzy we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hail the Prince of Darkness.\"/

this is perfect for an openening concert song to set the tone. i just hope oz can keep up.

agreed. the album is really good. i think gus and tommy need to understand Ozzy's slow songs and bring that to us a bit better, but other than that i am very impressed.

the song didn't sound that good on the little clip they did of Ozzy in the studio, maybe they were so used to the whole thing they didn't realize it wasn't enough for fans to get the song.

it's very good. a great rhythm.

i'm so excited about Ozzfest. I hope they do several songs from the album. it rocks!