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Native American Ways
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The Diegueno Indians of California used the drug toloache (Datura Stramonium) in the initiation of their dream doctors... As one of them explained: Toloache puts you into a kind of dream state of mind that stays with you for the rest of your life, and you never forget what you have learned. It helps you to keep on learning and gives you real power in everything. Without it you aren't a real doctor. (Toffelmeier and Luaomala 1936: 201)

My drink is full of SCOTCH, CHERRY COLA , AND from the spiritual, peruvian torch cactus, psylocybin Mexicana, Datura, coca leaves,ERGOT,mescaline powder, HEALING PLANTS. My mass is more than that of my spirit friends so I purchase a lot.

My jewelry has SUPERNATURAL powers from nearby stars, HEALING, ENERGY, DEATH, SENSUALITY, STRENGTH, FREEDOM, AUTHORITY, EXORCISM, PROTECTION, THINKING ABILITY, STRONG SENSES LIKE EYESIGHT, HARVESTED BY THE SPIRIT WIVES OF CARLOS CASTANEDA, THE CHOCMOOLS. I use my spirit money to pay for it. I have membership in Native American Church in the spiritual, also Castaneda's Church.

I amalso a Chocmool , I guard the sites of power, like it the pyramid of Chichen Itza.
I gather supernatural power from the stars and earth and complete exercises, that push the energy into various parts of my body.

Love forever, If you are ever in Salem, OR, look me up.

Oscheena/ aka Paula Kowaleski


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yep in my younger days i too have had datura,,youre right waking dreams that still haunt me today and my blood line is tied to northern europe--i dance with the runes and bath in full moon---its my energy---i am part of a bigger picture in the sense of the whole---we are all brothers and sisters---my church is this planet ,i love everything about it ,on it ,,and in it..


I am mexican, so Chac (from mayan in Chchen Itza) is my friend!

Tribe true; The White Man goes into his church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his Tipi and talks with Jesus
Off this Apache in Arizona. The few True Tribes that maintain specific language and culture aspects of day to day living. Do Not promote self Loathing.
Respect to the Native American Church and all Native tribes that took hold of your beliefs from the Plains.
one site;
sooo much more...out there no?...mAGIC wORKINGS..i believe and intrust that you have the,"Touch"
You're in great company, Paula Thanks for being there.
My whole purpose today on this Blog..was to recommend a medication Possibly for Ozzy,
called, { Modafinil } , if it has not already been offered.
Laughing and watching the commercial with the Phone/text scenes..of Ozzy's Mumble and so on..
Clarity and Oral Clarity from the new Military drug, Modafinil would possibly enhance Ozzy's day for possible
experiences of "sensory crossover. I by NO MEANS am state-ing that, Ozzy has any impaiment..just a thought reading this RX that had such great aptitude to help people with Garbled speech.
again this was..only cause of the fun we make of Ozzy's speech in the shows and commercials recently..did i even think of this Medication potential.
PS i would love to see Ozzy side/up with Chris Cornell...that would be a great symphony.
yours eternal 2ndsight.