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Molly Hatchet tribute to murdered child

NOTE - The piece of s*** that apparently raped, murdered, and dumped this little 7-year-old in the garbage, has been arrested and officially charged in the case.

Sorry I haven't been following this part of the story. But how cool of Molly Hatchet and everybody else that came together on this. If anyone is interested in finding out more, let me know and I will send you a link. Sony's brilliant program here would not publish it.

Song Pays Tribute To Somer Thompson
Sister Abby To Sing With Molly Hatchet At Saturday's Concert

POSTED: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abby Thompson recorded a song with Molly Hatchet in memory of her sister, Somer.
ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A nationally known band who got their start in Clay County will perform a special song in memory of Somer Thompson in a fund raising event Saturday.

Molly Hatchet wrote a song called "Fly On Wings Of Angels," in memory of the young murder victim. The band asked Somer's 10-year-old sister, Abby Thompson, to be a part of it. She will perform the song with the band during Somer Jam, a benefit concert for the Somer Thompson Foundation.

"It's actually telling people she's not really gone," Abby said. "She's in our hearts. She's just not around us."

Abby has a solo, singing part of another song that has become synonymous with her sister, "You Are My Sunshine."

Video: Molly Hatchet Playing For Somer Thompson

Video: Preview Of Somer's Song

Lead guitarist Bobby Ingram said he proposed the idea to Abby's mom, Diena.

"'You Are My Sunshine' was at the beginning of the song in keyboard and I said to Diena, 'Why don't we have Abby sing it in memory of her sister,' and Diena said, 'That's a great idea,let's do it!'"

Abby admits the first time she heard the song, she couldn't get through it without crying. Now, she said, it makes her feel good and she hopes it will do the same for others who have experienced a similar loss."

"Singing is actually a really good way, if you had a tragedy hit you, you can express yourself through singing," she said.

Somer Thompson

Molly Hatchet invited Channel 4 into the studio to hear the song in its entirety for the first time.

"It's about never having to say goodbye," Ingram said. "When you lose a child, they're on wings of angels."

The song will be available at Walmart in a few days. All the proceeds will benefit the Somer Thompson Foundation. It is a new foundation started by Diena Thompson and Molly Hatchet to provide help to other families experiencing loss.

The single will be just one song on the band's new album, "Justice." It will be out in stores June 1.

Somer Jam will be held Saturday at the Jacksonville Landing from 3 to 11 p.m. A $20 donation will be collected at the gate. All the proceeds will benefit the Somer Thompson Foundation.

Here are the lyrics to Molly Hatchet's song, "Fly On Wings Of Angels":

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine / You make me happy when skies are gray / You'll never know dear how much I love you / Please don't take my sunshine away

Vision of a baby child a blessed event in our lives / So warm and tender so sweet and kind / When I looked at you I see my life through my mama's eyes / I held you oh so close to my heart when you laughed or cried / But it ended way too early no one could ever answer why / We bow our heads and say our prayers to Somer in the night time sky

Fly on wings of angels a shining star on a cold and rainy night / Somer's with the angels so she'll never have to say goodbye.


that's right on that Molly Hatchett is doing that for Somer and her survivors. why do children have to die? i will never understand that. if the man is guilty he should not draw another breath past the point it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. fini. end it as swiftly as her life was ended. period.

send me link pleaz,,fukin tard doesnt need charging or going to jail,,giv him to the parents,,and well unfortuneatly there was a case up in queensland were a family friend done somethin similar ,,and now he is in prtective custody,,aint right just aint right,,no way should a child ever be harmed in any way by anyone,,the voices in my head tell me to hurt the hurters ..and i feel no remorse wen a child abuser gets his or her own cumupence