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My song


<em>[Verse 1]
Just one look sets my heart ablaze,
Just one look into your beautiful eyes.
I'm trapped and I can't escape this maze.
My body lives while my spirit dies.

My love will never go awry.
Cross my heart and hope to die.

But we mix like black and bleach.
You are far beyond my reach.
Every day I sit and brood,
Because my life means nothing without you.

[Verse 2]
Please give me one chance at happiness.
Please fill this endless hole.
Your love could give me bliss.
It could give warmth to my soul.


Please end my eternal hell.
Wake me out of this unbreakable shell.
If you knew how deeply I suffer,
All throughout your body you would shiver.

[Verse 3]
My heart is broken and my mind has come apart.
So can you please save me before I break down?
It's been years since the rain did start.
So can you please save me before I drown?


Took me less than one or two hours to write.


It's an anti-war song called "Pawn Men". This song is called "Drown."

These were the very first lyrics I ever wrote. I've written ten so far in less than a year! They've gotten much better. I tried to add the song titles and what they're about, but the stupid ass site wouldn't let me. Stupid spam filter...

The best song I ever wrote was a song based on the film 'Friday the 13th'. It's quite dark. WOOAHHAHAHA!!

Is your song anti-war or asylum? Following in the footsteps of Ozzy who wrote a lot of anti-war songs.

What is this song called then?
† Coolstreaky †

Yeah I have a war song too. It's currently untitled.

MMM, I could not agree more! I hate these bands that sing about nothing but LURRRRVE!

† Coolstreaky †

Good...give us the music to have a whole view of your song.....and one advice....don't write many love songs the world is full of that and they became bored of it....find something unusual to write a pioneer

King Ozzy

Impressive- I am a shıt song writer XD

† Coolstreaky †