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the new album

What do you all think of Ozzy's new album Black Rain, personally I think it's probobly the best of Ozzy's albums except No more tears.
But what do you think.


Black Rain is amazing (like everything else from ozzy) but my favorites is Blizzard of Ozz and No Rest For The Wicked.

no probs LD


oh, s..t, I forgot that.
Sorry, no offend camerata.
thanks for the reminder gimp.

g'day tinkertrain and welcome.....
hey lennonsdaughter dont forget that camerata lives in france as well,,, good to see more peoples from europe chiming in ,,,,,WELCOME ALL


Welcome at the board tinkertrain.
We're just living one hour apart from each other. Nice to see someone from France over here.
Black Rain is a really good one, no doubt about that.
Hey, are you going to the Heaven and Hell show in Karlsruhe in June? I'm there.
Just checking out how good Dio really is :-))

Black Rain...what to say ???
According to me, it's the album which has the strongest sound ever.
Zakk's Riffs are the most powerful he could ever make. For example the first song, "Not Going Away", shows you to what extent Zakk can make the deepest riffs. Awesome song which also shows (as "I Don't Wanna Stop") that The Madman wants to play music endlessly, but no one is immortal and for the moment as he says it in Down To Earth, he's still Alive !!!!!!
I really love Black Rain, one of his best albums, Surely.

See you on the other side !!!

i just love anything ozzy does,,my ozzy collection sits on top of all cd's,,,he could do a whole album just talking and that still would be fine with me


I LOVE Black rain, one of my favorite with Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a madman, and Nore more tears

I Dont think the new album is the best, Blizzard Of Ozz and Down To Earth is the best i think.
But Black Rain is an Awsome album aswell :)

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There's an old topic " What do you think about Black Rain". You'll find comments there.
I DO LOVE BLACK RAIN!!! In fact, it's my favourite.