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OK just one small question for any Amercian who foll...

Hey, Hi thanks for clicking on the link ( i appreciate it) Umm just like the Subject said just one small question for any Amercian who followed the US election....
What is the deal with Joe the Plumber?
I mean I am a kiwi (New Zealander) so i have only heard about this dude on the late show and in other things but i never really understood who the guy is, If anyone can shed some light on this for me it would be HUGLEY appreciated


Hey man thanks for that =)

"Joe the plumber" was just a regular guy on the street that got to ask our new "leader" a policy question that he was unable to give a clear answer to. Joe is not the man's real name, I think it's Phil. Anyway, Obama's plan calls for the the government to basically tax the hell out of anyone (individual or business) that makes over $200K/year. While my income doesn't come anywhere near that, I understand that's not much for someone who is trying to run even a small business. So "Joe," inferring that he was considering buying the small business that he worked for, tried to explain to Obama that the type of taxation he was referring to would make it impossible for a small business like this to survive. Joe wanted to know what the ultimate goal was, and what was it that would keep working Americans interested in moving ahead and trying to live the proverbial "American dream." Pretty much, Obama's response was that everyone needs to understand that "we need to re-distribute the wealth."

Anyway, this all happened in front of the cameras. The Republican Party was quick to make it a major talking point, and was happy to try to turn regular guy "Joe" into an icon.

To go much further would turn this into a political discussion, and I certainly have no desire to do that. But the election is done, and the people have spoken. We can pick the discussion back up in 2012.